ZUNICA | Story
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Established in 2011, Zunica is a solutions based Interior Architecture and Design practice driven to create liveable, rewarding and engaging spatial experiences.


We assist you to uncover innovative and intelligent solutions to complex design challenges at home and in business. Modern, restrained and unique, our process engages a blend of creative expression, lateral thinking, grounded research, and pure common sense.


Improved spatial planning that leads to a more productive workplace. Innovative hospitality experiences that excite new and repeat patrons. Unique multi-residential solutions that cut through a crowded marketplace. Or simply because you value your own space to feel, function and appear just the way you like it. Great design belongs everywhere.


Well traveled and Melbourne based, our team offers a variety of experiences from which to draw influence and inspiration. And for complex projects, collaboration is key. We partner with a range of professional services for a truly integrated approach.


Our collective expertise extends to a lived and worked understanding of the multi-residential, hotel, hospitality, retail and workplace environments. We search for and attract bold projects and brave clients who seek to create and contribute new and positive experiences to the everyday.