ZUNICA | Process
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You are as unique as your project and finding the right solution for you  is what we are here to achieve. We begin every project with a conversation with you, from your perspective and then rigorously investigate, research, and design solutions to enhance your everyday experience.


ZUNICA - Research



We study how people think, businesses operate and environments behave.


This forms the basis of each individual project and we continually experiment, test and develop solutions, creating a pattern of continual education and awareness.


ZUNICA - Design



We operate in the connection between business strategy and design.


Understanding your objectives, learning about your staff and knowing your customers as a way to create and strategically plan functional solutions for your project.


ZUNICA - Strategy



We design experiences that create memories and connections.


In collaboration with you, we integrate brand, value, and customer experience to the built environment in order to create memorable experiences across the entire design outcome.